“Universum” is an international association, founded in Berlin aiming at establishing contact among people of all ages who have a common interest in art, culture, creating a better life, and everything spiritual. First and utmost objective of the Association is building a bridge between the people of Eastern and Western Europe. Emphasizing the common features they have will contribute for a conscious and harmonious life together. The Association was founded in 2002 and its members are from Germany, France, Austria, Bulgaria, and USA. Although the main activities are in the fields of art, culture, and the spiritual, the Association is open to everyone interested in Eastern Europe, and especially the countries of the Balkan Peninsular and their affluent cultural and spiritual tradition and present. We would like to contribute to the abolishment of prejudice and to open a door for a new way of understanding among people of different origin. Members of the Association are people of art, workers, students, and intellectuals. We are paying special attention to incorporate kids and adolescents to the idea for a European understanding and tolerance based on the ordinary contacts among people. That is why the Association is open to everyone including representatives of other continents. It is a forum for all people who want to take their future into their hands, irrelevant of what country they life in. The "Universum" Association does not belong to any political or private organization.