The "Universum" Association is aiming at creating a useful environment for people of all age groups interested in the fields of art and spiritual development, which will assist them in making contacts and exchange of knowledge. Its goal is to become a bridge for all people of Eastern and Western Europe who share common interest in the different currents of modern art and spirituality. It is an open house for all who are seeking their inner roots. The Association wishes to provide an opportunity for those people to achieve their goals under a common roof. It addresses most of all, those who are seeking to mutually implement the goal of understanding among the different peoples based on a common art, culture, and spiritual growth. If you support the goals of the Association, we are cordially inviting you to join us as a member. Politically and religiously, the Association is strictly neutral and is not part of any other organization or group. All activities and events of the Association are solely result of the actions of its members.

All physical or legal entities may become members of the Association. Adolescents under the age of 18 need the permission of their legal representative/s. Only adults are permitted to participate at the General Meetings. Cancellation of membership may only be done at the end of the calendar year and after a three-month notice.

The monthly membership fee is 100.00 Euro for adults; For students, unemployed, and senior citizens, who are in possession of a valid document, a discount is possible.