1. Support and assistance of the work of the Spiritual Teacher Zanko

The main goal of the Foundation is to assist the activities of Zanko as a spiritual teacher and to be the platform where seekers from around the world communicate with him. Zanko’s life is like a bridge between the East and the West: proof that spiritual principles of awareness and freedom do not know limits.

Zanko’s site: www.zanko.de

2. Support and assistance of the Universum Center in Varna, Bulgaria

Universum Center, Varna, is a meeting ground for people from around the world who have chosen esotericism and spirituality as their path in life. The Center was established in 2001 as an open home for all. It was built by Zanko’s students who wished to reach out to other seekers and help them discover the path to a life without limitations and chains. It houses a meditation hall, a center for alternative medicine, and a tourist agency offering travel to spiritual centers and events all over the world. The center is a result of the united efforts of people from the entire country of Bulgaria who do not view spirituality only as a theory. Here, spirituality is a way of life – free of rules, prescriptions, and systems.

The concept of this center is unique and most probably not available anywhere else. Anyone interested is cordially invited to experience the warm atmosphere and take home whatever touches their heart and soul. A priority of the Foundation is to support the work of the center because its idea implies the establishment of connection among people independently of their origin. Spirituality is the only international language. That is our language here!

To the homepage: www.universum-centrum.com

3. Collaboration in the field of culture through Universum Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

Universum Art was established in 2003 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its goal is to spread and popularize Bulgarian art, culture, and ethnos; and to underline their significance in the European culture. The goal of the team is to rediscover the spiritual roots of art and to reproduce them in contemporary works. Universum Art strives to become an international forum for young artists and talents of all spheres. Therefore, support of Universum Art is a priority for our Foundation.

To the homepage: www.universum-art.com